Current Members

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  • Haoran Yang 杨昊然

    Visiting Student

    • B.S., Chemistry, University of Manchester (2019-2023)

    Haoran became a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Zhang in August 2023.Her previous research was primarily dedicated to exploring the utilization of computational methodologies in analyzing the collision cross section of small molecules within ion mobility mass spectrometry, with a specific focus on structural analysis. Currently, her scholarly pursuits revolve around computational research pertaining to the degradation mechanisms of PFASs. Alongside her academic pursuits, Haoran actively engages in skiing and skydiving as personal recreational activities.

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  • Kemeng Wang 王柯蒙

    PhD Student

    • M.S., Environment Engineering, Beijing Normal University, China(2020-2023)
    • B.E., Environment Engineering, Beijing Normal University, China(2016-2020)

    Kemeng joined Dr. Zhang’s group in June 2023 and became a PhD student in September 2023. She works on the heterogeneous degradation of PFAS and reaction mechanism. Outside the lab, she likes watching movies and listening to music.

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  • Zhangting Wei卫张婷

    Research Assistant

    • M.S., Physics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China (2020-2023)
    • B.S., Applied physics, Xihua University, China (2016-2020)

    Zhangting joined Zhang's lab in July 2023. She works on the DFT calculation and molecular dynamics simulation. Her skills include CP2K, Gaussian, VASP and so on. She previously worked on the improvement of alloys properties at the micro level. Outside the lab, she likes reading and travelling.

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